Help End the Food Monopoly!

Last spring when we started our vegetable garden, we thought we were doing something really great.  We were going to grow our own food, organically.  We weren’t going to use any pesticides and the soil mix that my husband painstakingly hand mixed was made up of all-natural things. We were so excited!  I bought plants from our local nurseries and organic seeds from the store.  I planted kale, onions, carrots, rainbow chard, collards, mustard, leeks, spinach, and lettuce with excitement, love, and high expectations.

At the same time, my interest in GMOs and Monsanto was budding. As a matter of fact, this was one of the main reasons that we decided to start growing our own food.  We wanted to protect the health of our children and avoid supporting this company at all costs. You can imagine the heartbreak and anger I felt when I discovered that many, if not all, of the plants I had growing more than likely came from Monsanto’s seeds. This is because Monsanto has a nice monopoly going. Here is one article, but feel free to Google it yourself. They apparently own 90% of the seed market in the U.S. (see this list of seed companies owned by Monsanto). So in trying to make what we thought was a healthy choice for our family, we were supporting the very company we were trying to avoid.

Fortunately, I was able to find certified organic non-GMO seeds and am now phasing out all of the other plants and herbs in my garden. So far, I am happy with these seeds (from and will post more photos when everything is up and growing 🙂 !