Let’s Get Composting!

When you start adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet, you are going to have a lot of organic waste in your trash. Is there something better you can do with all of that than simply throwing it away?  There is. Why not start a compost bin?  That is a great way not only to cut back on the amount of trash that you throw away but also to provide a nutritious soil mix for your vegetable and flower gardens!  We started a compost bin several months ago and I can tell you that we have really cut down on our weekly trash. Plus, our nutrient-rich compost will save us a ton of money next year when it’s time to add more soil to our vegetable garden. In addition, we are providing the most organic and nutrient-rich soil we possibly can to our garden. I can imagine how beautiful our produce will be!

We purchased our bin at a local home-improvement store. You can find one at home-improvement and home and garden stores, or you could find one here, along with all of your other composting needs  Here is a picture of our bin: